The Mediaș Synagogue

The synagogue was built at the start of the xx century at the edge of the medieval city: Mediaș. It was built when David Baumel from Wolfersdorf arrived in medias a married with Lotte Kappel, a daughter of a very rich family that lives in Mediaș from the end of XVIII century. So David Baumel was the first rabbi of the synagogue. Now let s take a look at the past of this building.


As I said: it was built at the start of the XX century. On that time the population spoke German according to the Saxon population from Mediaș. David Baumel died in 1899 and in 1905 Moishe Reich from Budapesta took his place as a rabbi. In 1920 the building process of a Jewish school and a ritual bathroom was financed by Benjamin Czitron.

The synagogue community survived to the World War II with a few loses, so at the end of the WW2 took place a series of changes. The rabbi Reich died in 1945, a lot of important members migrated to other places and at the synagogue remained only a few peoples. Also, a lot of Hebrews fled in the city then leave in 1950-1960 to go to Israel.

When the communism fallen, in 1980, there were only a few people. Now in the present time the building is empty, unused.

Now let s look at its architecture and style:

Style and Architecture


The synagogue was built in 1896 with some small changes that were made along the time.

The interior is divided in 2 areas: the entering area and the ceremonies room. The entering area is divided in 3 rooms that are placed to east. The right room is dedicated to the study of the Torah and at the left side are the stairs that take you to the women s balcony.

The room where are taking place the ceremonies is big, very big, it has like 18X11 meters and is framed from 3 ways by the women s balcony. In the middle of the room is a platform: „bima” is decorated with wooden sculptures and surrounded with benches. It was the place where the Torah scrolls where studied. These are kept in a wardrobe named arch. Over the arch are the Law tables.

The Medias Synagogue has mural paintings representing menorah, lions, The David Star. The 10 laws, The Jerusalem city, some vegetal elements.

The archive of the Jewish community. Around 2008 was discovered inside the synagogue a lot of documents books, objects that belongs to the Jewish community from Mediaș. The oldest documents are from the end of the XIX century and a lot of them are from interwar and post-war period.

This article was inspired by Turist in Transilvania.

I hope you now know more about the Mediaş Synagogue. I also hope I could help you. I hope you had a great time with me.

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