The medieval Towers of Medias

The medieval Towers of Medias

In the older times the medieval towers had different use, now they aren t the same thing. The towers were used to check the surroundings searching for the enemy, also betwen towers were bulid defensive walls so, within the towers were hidden archers ready to shoot every enemy that has the courage to show up. Now you know the towers use.

In Medias we have 9 medieval towers theywere and still are the pride of our city. The medieval towers of Medias are:

  1. The Forkesch tower
  2. Turnul Funarilor (it doesn t have a english translate)
  3. The Goldsmith Tower
  4. The tower of bells
  5. The stonemasons tower
  6. The tower of trumpets
  7. The tower of Maria
  8. The tailors tower
  9. Turnul rotarilor(again it doesn t have an english translate)

1. The Forkesch Tower

So, let s take a look at the first tower from our list: The Forkesch tower.

It is positioned in the south part of the old city  (there is also a new part), having a very important role. It was built in 1494-1534, it have a rectangular prism shape with a pyramidal roof. Inside it have 3 floors, and under the roof is a wooden watch gallery that comes out in the console, and on the exterior side of the walls you can see some very narrow shooting holes. Till 1800 the tower has a clock that indicates the hour using gong beats.

Even today the tower keeps his prideful aspect, so it is still used as a museum.

2. Turnul funarilor

„Funarii” the English translate for them is „rope-makers” so an approximate translate for this tower is  „The tower of rope-makers”. It was attached by the Stephan Ludwing Roth home and it has 5 floors. This beautiful tower had become the „belt-makers” property because the „rope-makers”  died of the plague of that time. So the tower had been used to store smoked lard of citizens.

The first two floors are connected by a narrow spiral ladder. The last level is equipped with shooting holes build over the consoles. In these rooms was found the archives of „Sfânta Margareta” church. Some thousand years old bibles wrapped in leather or tree bark.

3. The Goldsmith Tower

It was built using baroque style in the XVI century. It was built over the „Mill channel”, channel that bring the water of „Moșnei” river from the Cold River in the city. It has 2 columns on the south façade. Also we know that in 1641 the tower was renovated by the masters: Martin Petri and Petris Michaelis.

4. The Bells tower

Also called the Gate tower it has a metallic grill that accept or deny the acces in the town. His name was provided by the fact that inside the tower is the oldest bell from the city that has „1449” written on it.

5. The stone-workers

The „stone-workers” were the people that were cutting stones and using them for building.

It was a main point from where you could enter the town. Inside the tower the „stone-workers” and the masons has his activities. This tower keeps his look nearly intact from over five centuries despite the changes that occurred the city.

Built in 1507-1534 it has only two floors and is 25,8 meters high. It resisted very good until 1705 when it was very bad damaged by an army of Racotians.

6. The trumpets tower

From all towers this one gets the most attention, is the highest and has the best aspect. Also you can say is the brother of the Pisa Tower.

The legend says that when it was build it was tilted to the left, so all the people tied a rope in the top and started pulling right. They pulled, and pulled, and pulled when they stopped they saw that it was tilted on the right side. From then nobody tried to straighten it

This tower was used to spot the enemy before he attacks the city. The guardian that was not doing the job the right way was severely punished by throwing him from the tower.

7. The Maria s tower

This tower is very interesting because it was built on a cellar. It has a secret passage that communicates with the „Sfânta Margareta” church. During the plague it was used as a chapel and during the Lutheran  religion was used as a torture room

8. The tailors room

The name comes from the guild that lived there. As you can see on the upper side it has some shooting holes, and another set of holes from where it was throwed boiled oil or water.

9. Wheelwrights Tower

This is the most simple and modest tower it was transformed into a private house by removing the shooting holes.

In the final I want to say that my English is not very good as you can see, so if you want to help me to improve it just write a commentary where you mention the mistake and the right way to correct it, Thanks!

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